Gerhard C. Olivier

Gerhard C. Oliver
Gerhard C. Oliver

Article Revised: March 26, 2019

Gerhard has almost 40 years experience as a Systems Engineer. He has developed application systems in the local government, mining and banking arenas. His passion for a structured architectural approach in information systems led him to become the Lead Architect for IBM’s outsourcing solutions in South Africa. He attained his PMP (Project Management Professional) through the Project Management Institute in 2005 and has the reputation to recover run-away projects. His high standards for quality during all the phases of the software development life cycle introduced him to Six Sigma and he is currently being coached by Thomas Pyzdek as a Master Black Belt. In contrast to the US market, very few South African organisations are familiar with the Six Sigma methodology and its breakthrough benefits. Gerhard wants to play an active role in establishing Six Sigma as the quality and process improvement methodology in South African organisations.

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