Larry W. Dyer

About Larry W. Dyer

Article Revised: April 26, 2019

Mr. Dyer has over 30 years experience in Information Technology, ranging from programming to a member of senior management. His primary focus has been in three areas:

  • Quality Assurance/Process Improvement/Six Sigma Consultant
  • Strategic & Tactical Business Planning
  • Organizational Development

Mr. Dyer has 13 years of software process improvement experience and has functioned as a Lean Six Sigma black belt for the past four years performing organizational process improvement. In 2008 Mr. Dyer studied with Thomas Pyzdek, author of The Six Sigma Handbook, to complete his Master Black Belt certification in Training and Coaching. His six sigma project experience has focused on Design for Six Sigma and DMAIC projects in software and healthcare environments. He has used Lean Kaizens extensively to quickly identify and solve process problems.

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