My First Certification

In the early 1970s I was a brand spanking new college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Problem was, I didn’t much care for the field of economics. I had worked my way through college as a quality inspector and a quality engineering technician. And I had developed a deep love for the field of quality. The company I worked for had an opening for a quality engineer and I badly wanted that job. However, my economics degree did not qualify me. What to do?

The answer was simple. ASQC (the predecessor to today’s ASQ) had an exam known as the Certified Quality Engineer exam, or CQE exam. At that time it was a difficult, 8 hour long exam that covered the entire quality body of knowledge. Fortunately, the local ASQC section was offering classes which I took, and I passed the exam on my first try! I still remember how I felt when I opened my mailbox and discovered the certificate. It still hangs on my office wall today. With the ASQC certification plus my college degree I applied for the open quality engineer job and got it.

Thomas Pyzdek ASQC Quality Engineer Certification

I understand how you are feeling when you seek to achieve professional certification and I am proud to offer you what I think is the best certification training available. The Pyzdek Institute’s certification programs in Six Sigma certification, Lean certification and Lean Six Sigma certification are challenging, but complete.

I personally wrote each module for every certificate, and we hired the best experts in learning theory and web development to help us create top quality, professional videos that present the subject matter in an engaging and educational format. I am proud to offer our certification programs to you and hope that you too will feel the excitement of receiving professional certification from The Pyzdek Institute. We are well recognized in the field due to my many certification books and handbooks so you can rest assured that employers will respect your accomplishments.


  • Dr Burns March 4, 2022 at 10:52 pm Reply

    “Six Sigma Champions are con men”
    “All you have is smoke and mirrors”
    – Creator of Six Sigma, Mikel Harry

    • Thomas Pyzdek March 5, 2022 at 11:40 am Reply

      I think of Mikel Harry as the P.T. Barnum of the quality profession. He certainly shook things up. I remember the ASQ world conference where Harry’s “booth babes” shocked people like me. But he helped open the door to the C-suite for the rest of us. I think he and Robert Galvin did for Motorola what W. Edwards Deming and Donald Petersen did for Ford. We need to have a big tent in our profession, with room for both careful scientists and outlandish personalities.

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