Thomas Pyzdek to Deliver Keynote at Conference

Article Revised: March 27, 2019

Thomas Pyzdek will be presenting a keynote address at the upcoming Lean & Six Sigma World Conference in San Antonio, Texas. The conference theme is Achieve Breakthrough Results Using Lean & Six Sigma. Pyzdek’s keynote address topic is “Revolutionary Approach to Leadership Based on Lean & Six Sigma Principles.” It will be delivered at 9:00 AM. In this presentation, Mr. Pyzdek will show the audience a revolutionary new approach to leadership based on Lean & Six Sigma Principles. The leadership methods taught to managers in business schools are outdated and unsuitable for leading organizations in the modern era. There is a better way to lead using performance data and stakeholder feedback to continuously make course corrections.

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Thomas Pyzdek holds more than 50 copyrights including “The Six Sigma Handbook,” “The Quality Engineering Handbook,” and “The Handbook of Quality Management.” His works are used by thousands of universities and organizations around the world to teach process excellence.

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