How to Achieve World Peace

Article Revised: March 27, 2019

As an assignment in Six Sigma training I asked students to set a timer for 5 minutes and to write down as many ideas as possible in answer to the question: “How can we achieve lasting world peace?” I asked students to think outside the box and to emphasize quantity over quality. Here is a compilation of the ideas received. Since I don’t think we can ever have too many ideas on this subject, please add your own ideas to the list by leaving a comment.

  1. Politicians are random selected at birth, trained for common good
  2. Free heroin
  3. Vote for one world dictator
  4. Same education program for all
  5. Education on tolerance
  6. Redirect defense budget fund to help poor
  7. Understanding for causes of grievance
  8. Eliminate causes of grievances
  9. Genetically engineer the race to be peaceful
  10. Develop drugs to make everyone happy
  11. Drugs to eliminate aggression
  12. Eradicate poverty
  13. No countries
  14. One country
  15. No religion
  16. Ban all weapons
  17. Nuke all enemies
  18. More powerful UN
  19. UN only has WOMD
  20. UN only has army
  21. Politicians/leaders are random selected at birth, trained for common good
  22. Be nice to each other
  23. Leaders work together
  24. Stop stupid wars for weapons of mass destruction hunting
  25. Hold bad leaders accountable for atrocities
  26. Share our food
  27. Stop the oil price games
  28. Countries work to become more self sufficient
  29. World aid where needed
  30. Everyone help in disaster to rebuild
  31. Peacekeeping
  32. Share the wealth
  33. Share medical supplies and expertise
  34. End Aids and other epidemics that don’t need to be
  35. Educate
  36. Respect religious differences
  37. Respect status of women
  38. Stop actions like Darfur
  39. Control and regulate nuclear weapons
  40. Eliminate nuclear weapons
  41. Use nuclear technology for advancement of quality of life not death
  42. Use the military to help and rebuild countries instead of war
  43. Use war money to help developing countries
  44. Build some trust between the big powers
  45. US stop bullying other countries
  46. Respect!!
  47. Make some plans
  48. Get some food growing
  49. Get some education growing
  50. Save our rain forests and other special lands
  51. Use our technology for good not war
  52. Be nice!!!
  53. World leaders step up for more than photo ops
  54. Take care of our children all over the world
  55. Take care of our animals all over the world
  56. Make sure we are around to care about peace
  57. Use the money that is spent on playing in space for development in poor countries
  58. Food and medicine to every person
  59. Close down Wall Street
  60. Fair distribution of wealth
  61. Think about other people interest
  62. Crack down corporate America
  63. Invest in people
  64. Respect other people
  65. Presidents should refuse power
  66. People should love each other
  67. People should respect each other
  68. People should agree that money is not everything
  69. People should have to wish to share resources
  70. People should understand that the world is for everybody
  71. People have freedom in all countries
  72. Eliminate world hunger.
  73. Create sufficient jobs.
  74. Eliminate social discrimination.
  75. Eliminate social inequality.
  76. Create a sustainable health system.
  77. Preserve the environment.
  78. Re-use natural resources.
  79. Elevate the educational level.
  80. People need to be activists re: war prevention
  81. Need better international rules and a means of enforcing them
  82. Eliminate weapons of mass destruction
  83. Create a collective defense system through the United Nations
  84. Figure out a reasonable distribution of wealth
  85. Increase education on global ethics and moral rules
  86. Increase the influence of the U.N.
  87. All religions must preach against religious and ethnic hatred
  88. Establish international criminal court to control dictators who use war to rise to power and promote their ideology
  89. Do not expose children to violence
  90. Train children to resolve conflicts in a non-violent manner

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