A Lean Green Six Sigma Machine

It’s Earth Day, so here’s my obligatory green article.

OK, I admit it, I’m not a Greenie. Don’t get me wrong, I love the natural world. I was born and raised in Nebraska and from the time I was a little boy I spent every moment I could hiking, hunting, fishing, and just enjoying the outdoors. I now enjoy Arizona’s forests and deserts at every opportunity. But I’m also committed to facts, data and real science and I’ve become convinced that modern Greenies are more Earth Worshipers than conservationists. I want to see nature preserved for my grandson, and I fear that it has become a fad that will swing too far in the opposite direction some day.  Still, the article A Lean Green Six Sigma Machine – Manufacturing & Technology eJournal caught my eye. The basic premise is that Lean Six Sigma can help a company become more green.

Of course it can. Lean Six Sigma can take you toward nearly any goal you want faster. Think of Lean Six Sigma as a formula one race car for driving to your goals. If your goal is to become more green, then Lean Six Sigma will make you greener faster. It does this by helping you clarify your green goals, providing a framework for achieving these goals, evaluating the measurement system and identifying critical to quality drivers, building valid models linking causes to your goals, identifying the best improved system, deploying the system, and controlling the new system to assure consistent operation.

If you want to become greener, make your customers happier, or make more money for your investors, then Lean Six Sigma is the way to go.

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