ASQ Announces Global Offices

Article Revised: March 26, 2019

Minneapolis, MN. ASQ WCQI
ASQ President Roberto M. Saco announced at today’s Fellow’s luncheon that ASQ is opening five new offices around the world. ASQ offices will be located in South Korea, China, India, Mexico, and Brazil. The offices will be staffed by paid ASQ employees. Saco emphasized that the new offices seek to create a collaborative environment, rather than an environment where ASQ USA is providing training. My sense is that ASQ does not want to come across as viewing the relationship as one of trainer/trainee, but one where ASQ views the branch offices as true partners in promoting quality.

Saco stated that the ASQ Board has authorized $2.5 million for the project but ASQ has only spent $1.5 million of that sum. Saco says they are moving ahead quickly but, in light of current economic conditions, they are taking care to spend the money wisely.

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