iSixSigma Founder Promises Rebirth of Lean Six Sigma Website

Article Revised: March 27, 2019, once the leading online community and resource portal dedicated to Six Sigma, Lean and other operational excellence methodologies, is back under the ownership of the website’s creator, Michael Cyger. Plans are under way to “rebuild the functionality of from the ground up,” Cyger said, “taking advantage of the tens of thousands of articles, tools and resources already created.”

iSixSigma, as well as several other Internet properties, were sold to Schofield Media Group by Cyger in 2008. The site suffered along with other Schofield properties when financing difficulties arose in recent months. Now that he has reacquired the assets of the website, will become part of Web X.0 Media, an Internet publishing company Cyger launched in 2009. began its life as one of the earliest Internet communities for Six Sigma professionals. In the finest tradition of the Internet, its active forums and abundant resources were made freely available to all. The site’s downhill slide began soon after its takeover by Schofield Media Group. The site was even hacked and shut down for an extended period of time. Although iSixSigma personnel tell me that the site recovered completely from the hack and shutdown, it didn’t seem that way to me. I found the site’s new look to be confusing and I personally spent much less time on the site than prior to its overhaul. However, it still had a lot to offer and I applaud the efforts to get it back up and running.

Mike Cyger will face challenges bringing the site back in the age of social networking. A lot has changed. Sites like LinkedIn, with its diverse operational excellence communities, make iSixSigma’s forum less relevant, perhaps even anachronistic. However, LinkedIn is one-dimensional and it doesn’t provide everything that a dedicated web site can offer. For example, instructional videos, regular contributions by experts, tools, etc.. I hope Mike and his staff go the extra mile in providing a new home for Lean, Six Sigma and other operational excellence communities.

Congratulations, Mike! This should keep you busy for a long time to come.

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