iSixSigma Names Project and Program Finalists

Article Revised: March 27, 2019 has announced the finalists for the most successful lean six sigma start up program, most successful reorganized lean six sigma program and the largest-breakthrough improvement projects. “The iSixSigma Live! Awards recognize programs and projects that have demonstrated outstanding accomplishment,” said Jessica Harper, editor in chief of iSixSigma. “All entries demonstrated admirable efforts in applying Lean Six Sigma at their organizations. There were some, however, that stood out among the rest in their achievement of breakthrough results.”

Such awards are a source of information for firms seeking benchmark partners, case studies they can learn from, or just plain old inspiration. The lists include technology companies, hospitals, government and military candidates, proving that Lean Six Sigma’s reach is far and wide. Candidates for Largest-Breakthrough Improvement Project included organizations in four industries: customer Service, manufacturing, supply chain, and transactional. Areas addressed by the finalists were cycle-time, defects and error rates, process improvement, parts availability, adviser licensing, lead time, call abandonment and handle time, and efficiency.

I was most impressed with the variety, both in the industries represented and the projects. I’m often asked if “Six Sigma” or “Lean” will work in {name the industry or process}, my answer is “If you are working with a process, then you can improve with Lean, Six Sigma, or a combination of the two.” The iSixSigma awards confirm it.

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