Process problem x 2

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Article Revised: March 26, 2019

If you tried to use an American Express Card in the Pyzdek Online Store last Friday, you were out of luck. Since this service is part of our service package, this shouldn’t be happening. But it is, as at least one customer learned. To fix this process snafu, we called our merchant bank representative at 8:30AM. Because she was on a conference call she said she’d have to get back to us. The call was to end at 9:30AM and she said she’d get back to us “Immediately” after the call was over.

She didn’t. At day’s end there had been no response to a voice mail and an email message.

It isn’t unusual to have things like this occur. Having your customer experience one problem is bad enough, mishandling it is worse. We need to be sure that the processes we work with break as seldom as possible. We need to be doubly sure that if they do break, there’s a recovery process that prevents further damage. In Lean Six Sigma project design, this should be taken care of with FMEAs in the control phase.

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