Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course Outline

Article Revised: March 27, 2019

  1. Introduction
    1. What is Six Sigma
    2. Lean Six Sigma overview (3 modules)
  2. Define
    1. Recognize an opportunity
    2. Choose a project
      1. Pareto analysis
      2. Project assessment
    3. Develop the project plan
      1. Charter
      2. Identify and overcome obstacles
    4. Map the process
      1. L-Maps
      2. SIPOC maps
      3. Product family matrix
    5. Voice of the Customer (VOC)
      1. Kano analysis
      2. Tree diagrams
    6. Define phase tollgate review
  3. Measure
    1. Principles of variation
      1. Measurement concepts
      2. Measurement studies, statistical process control (SPC)
    2. Establish the baseline
      1. Descriptive statistics
      2. Individuals control charts
      3. Control chart interpretation
      4. Normal distribution
      5. Process capability analysis
      6. Process yields
      7. Activity maps
      8. Spaghetti charts
      9. Value stream maps
    3. Stratify data
      1. Data collection and sampling
      2. Matrix diagrams and other tools
      3. Histograms and frequency plots
    4. Set goals for outputs
      1. Benchmarking
      2. Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)
    5. Measure phase tollgate review
  4. Improve/Control
    1. Focus the problem statement
      1. Opportunity maps
    2. Develop theories of cause and effect
      1. Fishbone diagrams
    3. Model cause and effect
      1. Scatter plots
    4. Analyze phase tollgate review
    5. Maintaining a clean and efficient workplace
      1. Lean 5S
    6. Measurement system analysis
    7. Develop the improvement strategy
      1. Planning, pilot study
      2. Risk assessment and mitigation
    8. Implement the improvements
      1. New standard operating procedures
      2. Implementing full-scale changes; mistake-proofing
      3. Transfer ownership
      4. Continuous improvement; Kaizen
  5. Project Tollgate Review

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