President of Pyzdek Institute LLC to Receive Award

On February 27, 2017, the president of Pyzdek Institute LLC — Thomas Pyzdek — will be presented with the first ASQ Six Sigma Award for the Advancement of Six Sigma. The award will be presented in Phoenix, at the annual ASQ Lean Six Sigma conference.

The ASQ award recognizes the achievements, efforts and contributions of Quality Professionals in furthering the knowledge of the methodology of Six Sigma. Winners of the award must have a minimum of five years experience as a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, or other training as a Six Sigma Executive/Champion or Belt. They must have documented leadership expertise and have demonstrated that leadership through significant deployment of or application of the Six Sigma body of knowledge. The recipient of the award must also have made contributions to conferences, publications, or events, and special weight is given to book publications.

Pyzdek is the author of the best selling Six Sigma Handbook and other publications. He became a quality technician at a can factory at just 18 years of age and fell in love with the concepts of quality control and improvement. He has held jobs as quality inspector, quality engineering technician, quality and reliability engineer, and quality management. In 1983, having already gained publication in industry magazines and taught classes on statistical process control, he left a secure job to become a consultant. His drive was to help the American industry regain a position of quality leadership in the world. Some of his clients have included Ford Motor Company, McDonald’s, Intuit, Avon Products and many more. Currently, Pyzdek is the president of Pyzdek Institute LLC, which continues to marry his two passions: quality control and helping others to learn more about it.

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