What is a Black Belt?

Six Sigma Black Belts are full-time change agents who work in Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma. Black Belts work on entire value streams or cross-functional projects. Candidates for technical leader the Black Belt position are technically oriented individuals held in high regard by their peers. They should be actively involved in the organizational change and development process. Candidates may come from a wide range of disciplines and need not be formally trained statisticians or engineers. However, because they are expected to master a wide variety of technical tools in a relatively short period of time, technical leader candidates will probably possess a background in basic mathematics (e.g., algebra.) the primary tool of quantitative analysis. College-level course work in statistical methods is recommended, but not required. Successful candidates should understand spreadsheets, presentation programs and word processors. As part of their training they will be required to become proficient in the use of one or more statistical analysis software packages.

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