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Article Revised: March 27, 2019

The Individuals and Moving Range chart (IMR chart) is the workhorse of statistical process control (SPC.) These charts, sometimes called process behavior charts, can be constructed quickly. People who are new to SPC can be brought up to speed on IMR charts in just a few minutes and they can be taught to plot new data on the charts themselves. This makes the IMR chart ideal for use as a process control tool in real time. Real time SPC is the best way to identify problems quickly and, perhaps even more important, to do so soon enough to identify the cause of the problems.

Stephen W. Czupryna
Stephen W. Czupryna

Pyzdek Institute Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Steve Czupryna will present a new IMR tool based on Microsoft Excel and will make the tool freely available to webinar attendees. Stay tuned for details on the webinar in the near future. Register even if you can’t attend so we can send you a link to the IMR tool after the webinar.

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