Six Sigma FAQ

Here you will find answers to the most commonly-asked questions we receive from our students regarding The Pyzdek Institute’s Lean Six Sigma training and certification programs.

Q: How many months will it take to complete Six Sigma training?

A: The course is self-paced. However, we can set up a schedule for you if you wish. We'd recommend something between 8 weeks and 16 weeks (this it the range I've seen students completing the Six Sigma Black Belt course.)

Q: Is project included in the training program?

A: Yes. The Green and Black Belt programs include a project review by a Pyzdek Institute certified Master Black Belt.

Q: How long would it take to acquire the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification from your organization?

A: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training is self-paced. Plan on spending a total of 180 hours of total time (online and offline). You can take up to 365 days to complete the program from the date of enrollment.

Q: How long would it take to acquire the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification from your organization?

A:    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training is self-paced. Plan on spending a total of 100 hours of total time (online and offline). You can take up to 365 days to complete the program from the date of enrollment.

Q: How much of a statistics background do I need for Black Belt or Green Belt training?

A: No prerequisite is required for our courses. We provide a background in the basic statistics needed as part of the training. There are also some fine, free statistics training programs offered online for those who need a little help.

Q: What are the various costs associated with the different options?

A: Costs are detailed here. Click the link for the program that interests you.

Q: If you don't choose the Master Black Belt Trainer/Coach assistance package is the only form of communication for questions through the forum?

A: Communication is primarily through the student discussion forum. Master Black Belts, including Thomas Pyzdek, actively participate by answering students questions. You can also send private messages to your directly to your instructor.

Q: In addition to the Student Forum and email, what help is available for new self-study students?

A: All students are welcome to view the getting started video, which is available on the course front page. Students are shown how to use the site and instructed on the course organization and key features.

Q: To what extent can questions be asked?

A: As often as you wish.

Q: Is there an assignment for each of the modules? How are the assignments assessed?

A: Nearly every module in the Green and Black Belt programs has an assignment. Assignments are graded by an instructor, a Master Black Belt, who will provide feedback and a grade (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) on your submission and, at times, they will upload additional documentation along with their responses.

Q: Is Minitab required?

A: Minitab or SigmaXL may be used. However, we include many examples of using Minitab in our lessons. We also have numerous videos demonstrating the use of Minitab to perform various statistical analyses. Moreover, Minitab is considered something of the de facto standard software for Six Sigma.

Q: How do the Minitab project files work? Do you need the software and then upload the Minitab files to the program? What do these files consist of?

A: Yes, you need Minitab to view the Minitab assignment project files. You download the Minitab project file and open it in your copy of Minitab. The Minitab project files usually contain the data you need to complete an assignment. Answer keys include illustrations of the completed assignment results. If you are on a budget, SigmaXL is a low priced but extremely powerful alternative for performing the statistics required in the course. SigmaXL requires that you have Microsoft Excel installed.

Q: Once you have completed the Black Belt training how long do you have to complete the written exam and project?

A: You have one year from the day of enrollment to complete the training, exam and project. If more time is needed, we offer low-cost extensions.

Q: Do you also offer classroom (live) training?

A: Contact us for on-site, live training options.

Q: I already have the book used for this training. Can I get a discount if I don't want another book?

A: Yes. At checkout, select the No Book option and $60 USD will be deducted from the total.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes. Just click the appropriate add-to-cart button and we will automatically provide a payment plan using your credit card.

Q: Do you accept students from countries other than the USA?

A: Yes. We have students from all around the world.

Q: Can I choose which Master Black Belt Trainer/Coach I want?

A: Yes. Enter your choice by entering his or her name in the comment box when you order your training. You will become a member of your Coach's exclusive group on our training site.

Q: Do I get CEUs for Pyzdek Institute courses.

A: Yes, we award CEUs for our training.

Q: Do I have to submit a real project for Certification?

A: Yes. "Hypothetical" projects and simulations are not accepted. We have found that employers do not accept these as credible evidence that the person can apply Six Sigma in the real world.

Q: How many questions are on the exam?

A: The Green and Black Belt exam have 100 questions. The Yellow Belt exam has 50 questions. No two exams are alike.

Q: Are the exams timed?

A: Yes. The Black Belt exam is four hours. The Green Belt exam is three hours.

Q: How are the exams delivered.

A: Exams are delivered online and are proctored by ProctorU.

Q: Will I see my exam score?

A: No. However, during training you will see your quiz scores. The Pyzdek Institute will determine if you passed the exam and will notify you in a timely manner.

Q: How do I prove to an employer that I'm a Pyzdek Institute certified "Belt?"

A: You will be given a signed and numbered certificate. In addition, your certification will be recorded in our online database.

Q: Are the exam questions the same as the quiz questions?

A: For the most part, no. Quizzes are designed to facilitate learning; exams are a test of your command of the body of knowledge.

Q: I am staying in UK. Can I still enroll for the course?

A: Yes. The course is entirely online and can be taken from anywhere you have broadband Internet access.

Q: How do I pay for the course?

A: You may use our secure Merchant payment portal to pay online via credit card. Just click the add-to-cart button to begin.

Q: When can I start?

A: You can start at any time. Enrollment lasts 365 days and the course is available online 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Q: Assuming that I pass the Black Belt Certification, will it be recognized-accredited?

A: Yes. The Pyzdek Institute is accredited by The Council for Six Sigma Certification. Its seal, as well as Thomas Pyzdek's signature will appear on your certificate.

Q: Can you explain the different certifications offered by The Pyzdek Institute in greater detail?

A: We offer three levels of recognition of Green and Black Belts at The Pyzdek Institute:

  • Six Sigma Black/Green Belt Bronze Certificate. This person has completed all of the required activities in the course, as recorded in the Moodle Content Management System.
  • Six Sigma Black/Green Belt Silver Certificate. This person has been awarded the Six Sigma Black/Green Belt, plus they have successfully passed a comprehensive exam covering the Six Sigma Black/Green Belt Body of Knowledge.
  • Certified Six Sigma Black/Green Belt. This person holds a Six Sigma Black/Green Belt Silver Certificate, and has successfully made a presentation of an approved project to a Pyzdek Institute Certified Master Black Belt or to Thomas Pyzdek.

You can obtain the first two levels of certification without a project. There are ways other than an employer to get a project. We have done pro bono projects for local hospitals and charities. If you are a member of a church or professional group, they provide opportunities. For example, you might undertake a project to improve the planning of the annual church sponsored carnival, or improve the customer satisfaction with ASQ section events. ASQ sections are normally eager to have volunteers help them, and you could provide this help in conjunction with your project.

There is no time limit on taking the exam or submitting your project. We advise, however, that you not wait too long to take the exam because memory of specifics tends to fade.

Having recognition at either of the first two levels is a resume enhancement that you can use to get a project. Telling a prospective employer that you've already spared them the time off of the job and the expense of costly Six Sigma training is a plus. Another plus is to tell them that you need a real-world project to become fully certified, that you're trained and eager to pursue the project, and that you'd really like to do the project at their company should help set you apart from the competition.

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