Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification


Pyzdek Institute Lean Six Sigma Green Belts complete 100 hours of training (including homework assignments), pass a proctored, comprehensive, timed exam, and present a real world project to a Pyzdek Institute certified Master Black Belt or to Thomas Pyzdek.

The Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is a professional who is well versed in the Lean Six Sigma Methodology, who leads improvement projects, typically in a full-time role. A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt possesses a thorough understanding of all aspects within the phases of D-M-A-I-C. They understand how to perform and interpret Six Sigma tools and how to use standard principles of Lean.

Note: Yellow Belt is not a prerequisite for Green Belt training.

or 12 MONTHLY PAYMENTS OF: $193.75

Certification Process

The training

The training consists of a series of online modules that you will complete in sequence. Each module consists of a lesson, a quiz, and an assignment.

Lessons were developed and are presented by Thomas Pyzdek and are highly interactive. Quizzes are multiple-choice and because they are self-scoring, you will receive immediate feedback as soon as you submit it. Assignments must be submitted so that your assigned instructor can grade them and provide you with feedback.

To be clear, even though the program is self-paced and 100% online, you will have a Pyzdek Institute certified Master Black Belt going through your work, grading your assignments, providing you with feedback, answering questions, etc. Once all the required activities in the training are completed with satisfactory grades, you will be awarded a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Bronze certificate. This certificate of completion is published on a public database and you may include it on your resume.

A Comprehensive Exam

Once training is completed, you must pass a comprehensive proctored exam. This means that you must take the exam on a computer that has access to a webcam and a microphone. The exam is open book and open notes; however, it is proctored because we must authenticate you before the exam begins. The proctor will be able to see you and your desktop while you take the exam. No other person is allowed in the room while you complete the exam.

When you pass the exam, you will be awarded a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Silver certificate. At this point you become a trained Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, but not a certified one yet.

Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification


All instructors are certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts with decades of real-world experience. All were personally mentored by Thomas Pyzdek.


After completion of your training, you will be eligible to take a comprehensive proctored exam. The exam will be open-book and open-notes.


You will demonstrate mastery in the application of Lean Six Sigma methods by completing a real-world project with coaching assistance from a Master Black Belt.


Recognized and accredited certification by the Pyzdek Institute. Recorded in an online database with a unique serial number for authentication.

The Certification Project

In order to receive a full Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, you must complete a real-world project.

In order to receive a full Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, you must complete a real-world project. This project will be reviewed and graded by a Master Black Belt. You will gain access to a project management software with all necessary tools and templates while you work on your project.

You will then begin by submitting a project idea to a steering committee for review. Once the idea your approved, you may begin working on your certification project. Your project work will be submitted in phases (DMAIC) so your Master Black Belt can review your work during Tollgate Reviews. During these Tollgate Reviews, you will receive the necessary feedback on your progress, as well as guidance for the next phase (e.g. we will help you choose the correct tools to use during the next phase).

Once your project is graded satisfactory, you will make a live presentation via to Thomas Pyzdek and your instructor (you may also invite your senior leaders if you find it convenient). It is at this point that we will fully certify you as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

Experienced LSSMBB Instructors

All Pyzdek Institute Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts are carefully chosen and vetted by Thomas Pyzdek. They have in depth understanding of Lean Six Sigma and all of them have decades of hands-on experience in a wide variety of industries. Their expertise in teaching and coaching is consistently praised by their students.

Katsuhiko Sakamoto

Master Black Belt

Kevin Ryan

Master Black Belt

David Greco

Master Black Belt


  • Self-paced study
  • 365-day subscription to training site.
  • Learn Minitab with tutorials, examples and exercises.
  • Over 50 online on demand modules.
  • 100 hour commitment
  • 500+ quiz questions.
  • 40 homework assignments.
  • Grading and feedback by Master Black Belt Instructor
  • Comprehensive proctored exam.
  • 10 CEUs awarded by The Pyzdek Institute upon successful course completion.
  • Online resources (templates, workbooks, forms, video tutorials, etc.)
  • Online forums for communication with fellow students and instructors.
  • Six Sigma Handbook hardcopy autographed by Thomas Pyzdek for U.S. students and eBook edition for international students.
  • Real-time progress reports.
  • Access to Engage by Minitab Project Management Software
  • Project Grading by Master Black Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification suitable for framing
  • shipped to you.
  • Certification project presentation to Master Black Belt.
  • Certificate recorded in our public online database.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification

How long will it realistically take me to complete Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training from the day I enroll?

The course is 100% self-paced. Typically, an individual who also has a full-time job, family, etc., will finish the coursework in about 2-3 months.

How much of a statistics background do I need for Green Belt training?

There are no prerequisites required for this course. We provide a background with exercises and tutorials in the basic statistics needed as part of the training.

What support will I receive from the Pyzdek Institute team throughout my journey towards acquiring high-value skills?

Your instructor, a Pyzdek Institute Master Black Belt, will personally grade all of your assignments, provide feedback, answer questions, review and approve your certification project tollgates, etc. You will also have access to student discussion forums, that Master Black Belts, including Thomas Pyzdek, actively participate in by answering students questions. You can also send private messages directly to your instructor using the private messaging system that is built into the Learning Management system.

To what extent can questions be asked?

As often as you wish.

Can the course be paid in installments?

Contact us using the form below to inquiry about payment plans.

Is there an assignment for each of the modules? How are the assignments assessed?

Nearly every module in the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program has an assignment. Assignments are graded by an instructor, a Master Black Belt, who will provide feedback and a grade (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) on your submission, and, at times, they will upload additional documentation along with their responses.

Is Minitab required?

Minitab or SigmaXL may be used. However, we include many examples of using Minitab in our lessons. We also have numerous videos demonstrating the use of Minitab to perform various statistical analyses. Moreover, Minitab is considered something of the de facto standard software for Six Sigma. You may use Minitab’s free 30-day trial to complete your assignments. Wait until you need Minitab before activating the trial!

Will I see my exam score?

No. However, during training you will see your quiz scores. The Pyzdek Institute will determine if you passed the exam and will notify you in a timely manner.

Assuming that I pass the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt exam, will it be recognized-accredited?

Yes. The Pyzdek Institute is accredited by The Council for Six Sigma Certification. Its seal, as well as Thomas Pyzdek’s signature will appear on your certificate.

How does the Pyzdek Institute Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training match the real world? How applicable is it?

During your training, you will be go through a series of exercises that will closely match the problems that are commonly encountered in the real-world.

Once you have completed the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training how long do you have to complete the written exam and project?

You have one year from the day of enrollment to complete the training, exam and project. If more time is needed, we offer low-cost extensions.

Do you also offer classroom (live) training?

Yes. Contact us for on-site, live training options.

How do the Minitab project files work? Do you need the software and then upload the Minitab files to the program? What do these files consist of?

Yes, you need Minitab to view the Minitab assignment project files. You download the Minitab project file and open it in your copy of Minitab. The Minitab project files usually contain the data you need to complete an assignment. Answer keys include illustrations of the completed assignment results. If you are on a budget, SigmaXL is a low priced but extremely powerful alternative for performing the statistics required in the course. SigmaXL requires that you have Microsoft Excel installed.

Do you accept students from countries other than the USA?

Yes. We have students from all around the world.

How many questions are on the exam?

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt exam has 100 questions. No two exams are alike.

Are the exams timed?

Yes. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt exam is three hours.

How are the exams delivered?

Exams are delivered online and are proctored by ProctorU.

How do I prove to an employer that I’m a Pyzdek Institute certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt?

You will be given a signed and numbered certificate. In addition, your certification will be recorded in our online database.

When can I start?

Registration is open-enrollment. You can start at any time. Enrollment lasts 365 days and the course is available online 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

What type of project will you lead in your organization with the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training under your belt?

After successfully completing the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program, you will be fully qualified to lead process improvement projects regardless of industry.

If you are considering Lean Six Sigma training to enhance your resume, what can you expect from recruiters when you show you have the Pyzdek Institute Certification? And why?

The Pyzdek Institute’s involvement in Six Sigma predates most organizations. In fact, the author of your training is the author of the Six Sigma Handbook (the standard reference for Six Sigma). The reputation of a Pyzdek Institute certification is unmatched!

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