WORKSHOP: Introduction to Free Open-Source Software for Six Sigma


The Pyzdek Institute announces a breakthrough improvement in the accessibility of Lean Six Sigma training.

We’ve always treated our online and at-site Lean Six Sigma training as a process and as Continuous Improvement practitioners, we’ve added content, improved existing content, stayed up-to-date and refined our customer support. The feedback on our incremental improvements have been overwhelmingly positive.

But recent developments in open-source software have lead to a breakthrough opportunity unlike any we’ve seen in the past and we’re now taking Pyzdek Institute’s Lean Six Sigma training to its next logical iteration. And, in parallel, we’ve finalized our two year effort to error-proof the Lean Six Sigma process itself, leading to a major opportunity for The Pyzdek Institute to further help our students and clients improve their manufacturing and business processes.

Join us for a 2-hour workshop and come away with access to free software to support the proven statistical methods used in the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC cycle and a good understanding of how you can error-proof a Measurement Systems Analysis study. But come with an open mind because some of the things you’ll see are brand new and they will shake the very foundations of Lean Six Sigma training.

And even if you’re not interest in Lean Six Sigma training right now, you’ll still benefit from the sage advice of our instructor, from the hands-on instruction in statistical analysis and from insight on an incredible open-source software alternative.


Workshop Agenda

  • BlueSky Statistics overview
  • Fishbone Diagram brief demonstration
  • Pareto Diagram brief demonstration
  • Loss Function demonstration and discussion
  • SPC: Xbar-R demonstration and discussion
  • GR&R detailed demonstration
  • Process Capability brief demonstration
  • Overview of Design of Experiments (DOE) menu

Next Available Dates

  • November 21st 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm EST

Lean Six Sigma Workshops


All instructors are certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts with decades of real-world experience. All were personally mentored by Thomas Pyzdek.


BlueSky Statistics is now the world’s first free and open sourced fully featured statistics and machine learning application that incorporates comprehensive Six Sigma and DoE capabilities.


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