Error-proofed Design of Experiments

Course Overview

Error-proofed Design of Experiments is a hands-on, workflow-based course. It begins with a brief discussion of statistical & DOE principles and proceeds to a detailed discussion of a structured 3-step DOE workflow. This method was developed during a multi-year study to optimize and error-proof the DOE process itself.

Error proofed DOE - Collaborate

Course attendees will learn about the six “Work” sub-steps and the six “Evaluate” sub-steps that, combined, have 15 error-proofing checkpoints to help experimenters avoid common pitfalls. At the end of Step 2, experimenters and their colleagues will have vital information needed to make good business decisions.

LOCATIONOn-site or Online


The course requires a good understanding of Minitab fundamentals including navigation, menu structure, data integrity, column stacking/unstacking, annotations, data visualizations and similar. For those without Minitab experience, please see the Pyzdek Institute’s Introduction to Minitab short course.

  • Attendees must have a PC with Minitab installed (Minitab license and installation instructions will be provided by the Pyzdek Institute upon enrollment).
  • Two-way headset.
  • Two monitors recommended but not required.

Designed for:

This course is designed for Engineers, Scientists, Supervisors, Managers and Technicians who need to optimize process factors (set points) to yield a wide range of desired results or to better understand what process factors have the most effect on results.

Benefits to attendees

  • Use error-proofed DOE workflow to improve processes, gain new process knowledge, increase corporate profits and avoid common DOE pitfalls
  • Minimize the cost of designed experiments
  • Analyze DOE data and interpret results in group discussion
  • Multiply the effectiveness of Lean-based process improvement
  • Learn many useful statistical principles
  • Improve return on statistical software investment

Course structure

Course content% of time spent
Hands-on exercises & interpretation of results80%
Basic DOE principles10%
Basic statistical principles10%

Specific topics covered

  • The DOE mindset and the importance of collaboration
  • The Great Mathematical Quandary
  • SPC fundamentals
  • DOE planning and economics
  • Screening experiments
  • Interaction (factorial) experiments
  • Response surface experiments
  • Common DOE myths and pitfalls

Schedule options

  • Five 5-hour sessions (recommended)
  • Other scheduling based on customer need

The Pyzdek Institute’s Error-proofed Design of Experiments course is also available for groups. Whether you are looking for online or onsite training, we are pleased to accommodate your needs and customize the course to your organization.

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