Introduction to Minitab

Course Overview

Minitab is a highly capable statistical software package. However, new users can feel overwhelmed by Minitab’s many pull down menus and menu choices. In addition, certain fundamentals should be mastered before taking Minitab courses like Basic Stats, Measurement Systems Management, Statistical Process Control and similar. The course provides a foundation for statistically based Continuous Improvement work.



No Minitab experience needed. Attendees must have a PC, a Minitab license (version 19 or 20) and a 2-way headset. Two monitors are highly recommended.

Designed for:

This course is designed for new Minitab users or those with experience with Minitab version 18 and earlier. It should be noted that Minitab made a significant layout change when they released Version 19.

Benefits to attendees

Specific benefits to attendees include:

  • Better return on investment in Minitab license
  • Better return on investment in Minitab courses
  • More productive self-study

Course structure

Course content% of time spent
Hands-on practice80%

Specific topics covered

  • Layout & navigation
  • Customizations & options
  • Importing data into Minitab
  • Data integrity and manipulation
  • Creating patterned data and random data
  • Project and worksheet annotations
  • Data visualizations and interpretation

Schedule options

  • Three 2-hour sessions
  • Two 3-hour sessions (recommended)
  • One 6-hour session

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