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The Pyzdek Institute offers focused courses and workshops in Lean, Six Sigma and other important topics. These courses are also suitable for those without a need for Lean Six Sigma certification or, in some cases, as a next logical step after Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt certification.

  • Live, instructor-led training
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Onsite or virtual
  • Group Training Available

Workshops & Live Training


Introduction to Minitab

Minitab is a highly capable statistical software package. Certain fundamentals should be mastered before taking Minitab courses like MSA, SPC and others. This course provides a foundation for statistically based continuous improvement work.


Introduction to SPC and DOE

A workshop designed to introduce Statistical Process Control and Design of Experiments to two groups of people:

  • People unfamiliar with SPC and/or DOE
  • People with unsatisfactory experience with SPC and/or DOE


Cost Reduction Strategies: Assembly Industries

A hands-on, workflow-based course. Key fundamentals reinforced with sports equipment, aerospace/automotive sub-assembly, consumer goods and other assembly-related case studies, error-proofed workflows and hands-on practice.


Cost Reduction Strategies: Plastics Processing

A hands-on, workflow-based course. Key fundamentals, reinforced with extrusion, injection molding, roto-molding and other plastics-related case studies, error-proofed workflows and hands-on practice.


Cost Reduction Strategies: Food Processing

A hands-on, workflow-based course. Key fundamentals, reinforced with roasting, baking, mixing, sterilizing, desiccating, packaging and other food industry case studies, error-proofed workflows and hands-on practice.


Predictive Analytics

This hands-on course demonstrates how to use Minitab CART Regression & Classification to create Decision Trees and find relationships between key business metrics and predictors within a large, complex data sets.


Practical Lean Methods

A workshop that focuses on the use of Lean Thinking to improve manufacturing, logistic and transactional business processes. The course workshop has an emphasis on hands-on exercises and workflow simulations.


Fundamentals of Measurement Systems Management

A systematic 3-step approach to Measurement Systems Management including knowledge, workflow and support materials needed to assure measurement system data are useful for important business decisions.


Error-proofed SPC & Continuous Improvement

A highly focused course designed to rapidly bring the power of Statistical Process Control and process behavior charts to solve difficult problems and maintain process stability.


Short Run SPC

A course designed to rapidly harness the power of Statistical Process Control and maintain process stability with a focus on the proper applications for Short Run SPC control charts.


Statistical Forecasting with Minitab

This course provides a basic understanding of forecasting methods with a clear focus on immediate application of the methods learned.

Heavy emphasis is placed on data visualization and harnessing the power of Minitab to improve materials management.


Error-proofed Design of Experiments

A hands-on, workflow-based course. You will learn a structured 3-step DOE workflow process.

This method was developed during a multi-year study to optimize and error-proof the DOE process itself.


Lean Six Sigma for Executive Leadership

A mostly hands-on workshop that demonstrates the value of Lean Principles and Statistical Thinking for high-level business management.

The goal of this course is to help companies reduce costs and improve employee morale.

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Multivariate methods

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Experienced LSSMBB Instructors

All Pyzdek Institute Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts are carefully chosen and vetted by Thomas Pyzdek. They have in depth understanding of Lean Six Sigma and all of them have decades of hands-on experience in a wide variety of industries. Their expertise in teaching and coaching is consistently praised by their students.

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