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How do you know when you should look for a problem with your product or service or work process? Your metrics vary constantly. The dimensions of features on your products. The time it takes to deliver your services. The customer’s satisfaction with your call center agents. You can’t manage properly if you don’t understand what the numbers are telling you. For that you need Statistical Process Control (SPC).

SPC Simplified is a 100% online course that gives you the training you need to understand the numbers you encounter everyday. Developed by Thomas Pyzdek, who taught SPC with Dr. W. Edwards Deming in the 1980s, SPC Simplified can be used by front-line supervisors, call center agents, machine operators and others to control the quality of their work in real-time without computers or complicated mathematics. It takes less than 1-hour to complete and it only costs US$29.99. A certificate of completion is awarded upon completing the course.


  • 3 online modules.
  • 10-day subscription to training site.
  • Certificate by The Pyzdek Institute.
  • Certificate recorded in our public online database.

Curriculum For This Course

  • Using data for process control
  • How to create your own control charts
  • Control charts for percentages and skewed data

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