Statistics Training

Based on feedback from our customers, The Pyzdek Institute now offers focused courses in important statistical methods. These courses are suitable for those without a need for Lean Six Sigma certification or, in some cases, as a next logical step after Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt certification.

Available courses include:

Introduction to Minitab

Minitab is a highly capable statistical software package. However, new users can feel overwhelmed by Minitab’s many pull down menus and menu choices. In addition, certain fundamentals should be mastered before taking Minitab courses like Basic Stats, Measurement Systems Management, Statistical Process Control and similar. The course provides a foundation for statistically based Continuous Improvement work.

SPC Training

Continuous Improvement is impossible without Statistical Process Control. The Pyzdek SPC course is 25 hours of rigorous hands-on work designed to bring the vaunted power of Statistical Process Control and Process Capability Analysis immediately to bear on tough industrial process challenges.


This course is designed for those interested in using past data and marketing insight to make future predictions on demand, inventory levels and the like.

Measurement Systems Validation & Management

Good measurements are the foundation for making good technical and business decisions. Attendees will learn a 3-step method they can use to determine measurement system stability, bias, linearity and the AIAG Gage R&R method.

Coming soon:

Design of Experiments

Once process stability has been established using SPC, the next logical step is to create a statistical model of your processes that will point to the optimum operating set points. In this course, attendees will learn a 3-step method that will guide them through the phases needed to run a successful experiment and interpret the results.



Multivariate Methods


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