Why Pyzdek Institute?

My name is Thomas Pyzdek. I started my work in quality and process improvement over 50 years ago. I loved it then, and I still love it today. If you choose to join my profession then you are embarking on an exciting career. You will help people and organizations become better at what they do.

Why should you get your certification from the Pyzdek Institute? Image this, you get brand X training and list it on your resume. One day you answer the phone and on the other end is a Master Black Belt (let’s make it a “he” for simplicity.) Chances are, like most Lean Six Sigma professionals, he has my Six Sigma Handbook on his bookshelf. After all, it has been the standard textbook in the field since 2001. But you got your training elsewhere. The Master Black Belt asks where. He’s never heard of it. The quality of training offered on the Internet is uneven, to put it kindly.


Self-study, Guided Training and Certification and Live Workshop Offerings

All courses were developed by Thomas Pyzdek, author of The Six Sigma Handbook

Self-study & Exam Prep

Show your employer or potential employer that you know the relevant body of knowledge, including the vocabulary, concepts and technical tools for Six Sigma and Lean. Demonstrate your commitment to learning a challenging set of ideas, principles and technical tools by enrolling in one of our self-study programs!

Guided Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification

Your instructor, a Pyzdek Institute Master Black Belt, will provide assistance as you complete your Lean Six Sigma Green or Black Belt certification.

Workshops & Live Training

The Pyzdek Institute offers focused courses and workshops in Lean, Six Sigma and other important topics. These courses are also suitable for those without a need for Lean Six Sigma certification or, in some cases, as a next logical step after Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt certification.

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Why Choose The Pyzdek Institute?

Thomas Pyzdek discusses the importance of choosing a reputable Lean Six Sigma training and certification provider.

Pyzdek Institute
The Six Sigma Handbook - by Thomas Pyzdek

Worldwide Recognized Authority

Thomas Pyzdek’s works are used by thousands of universities and organizations around the world to teach Six Sigma.

eLearning Online

State of the art e-Learning platform with lessons developed by Thomas Pyzdek in consultation with e-Learning experts.


Pyzdek Institute certified Master Black Belts with decades of experience in various industries. All Pyzdek Institute instructors were personally coached and mentored by Thomas Pyzdek.

Our Clients

Thomas Pyzdek is a quality expert with over 5 decades of experience working with business leaders in many fields. The following are a sample of companies that have hired Thomas Pyzdek over the years as a consultant and trainer for their process excellence initiatives.


Michael Parks
Director of Lean Implementation
Vertiv Corporation
Mike Toigo
Marine Craft Advisor
Anglers Port Marine
Jorge Escalona
Senior Manager, Business Process Excellence
Stanley Black & Decker


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