Course Extensions

Extend Your Course Access

We understand that sometimes you may need more time to complete your training and fully grasp the Lean Six Sigma concepts. That’s why we offer course extensions, providing you with the additional time you need to study and finish your assignments at your own pace. Browse through our extension options below to choose the one that best suits your needs and continue your learning journey without interruption.

Extend Lean Specialist Training for an additional 90 days

Continue your Lean Specialist journey and enhance your problem-solving skills with an additional 90 days of access to our comprehensive training resources.

Extend Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training for an additional 180 days

Get extra time to master the fundamental concepts of Lean Six Sigma and build a strong foundation for your continuous improvement career with this 180-day extension.

Extend Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training for an additional 365 days

With 365 more days, dive deeper into the Lean Six Sigma methodology and gain the expertise you need to lead improvement projects at the Green Belt level.

Extend Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training for an additional 365 days

Take advantage of this 365-day extension to refine your Black Belt skills, expand your knowledge of advanced statistical tools, and become an expert in Lean Six Sigma.


  1. If your enrollment has expired for more than 90 days, a ‘Course Re-enrollment Fee’ of $400 will be necessary. This fee covers the reactivation of your student account, as well as the retrieval and reinstallation of your archived files, progress, and records. To avoid this additional charge, we recommend timely course extensions. Should you need to process a readmission, please don’t hesitate to contact the Pyzdek Institute for assistance.
  2. Minitab license not included in extension fees.