Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training and Certification

Empowering Leaders in Advanced Process Improvement Techniques

Certification Overview

The Pyzdek Institute’s Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification offers a unique approach to mastering statistical methods in a practical, non-academic format. Designed as the next step after Six Sigma Black Belt certification, this program equips professionals to leverage statistical tools across various industries including manufacturing, supply chain, services, and healthcare. Participants will tackle real-world problems, drive cost reduction, and enhance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through our specialized workflows.


This demanding program requires attendees to possess a solid foundation in data analysis, at least to the Six Sigma Black Belt level. Participants are expected to bring their own notebook computer equipped with either JMP® (recommended) or Minitab® statistical software.

Certification details

Over 48 hours, attendees will dive deep into four critical workflows:

  • Process Baseline workflow
  • Process Optimization workflow
  • Process Monitoring workflow
  • Reliability Analysis workflow

This hands-on workshop focuses on practical application, using state-of-the-art statistical methods to reduce variation and enhance process capabilities. Successful completion of the course and its final exam will award participants the prestigious Pyzdek Institute Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification. A Certificate of Achievement is also available for those who opt out of the exam but demonstrate a thorough understanding of the course material.

Instruction Method:

This program is delivered through interactive workbooks and direct guidance from the instructor, eschewing traditional lectures and PowerPoint for a more engaging learning experience.

Flexible Statistical Software Options

JMP Statistical Discovery


Discover the power of JMP®, a dynamic tool designed for advanced data analysis and visualization. Our course includes detailed guides, real-world examples, and interactive exercises.

Minitab logo, representing powerful and user-friendly statistical analysis software


Utilize Minitab, the preferred software for quality improvement and Lean Six Sigma projects, featured prominently in our tutorials and exercises.

Regardless of the software option you choose, our training materials and resources will support you in mastering the required statistical analysis techniques.

Comprehensive Body of Knowledge

Process Baseline workflow
Measurement integrity
  • Planning
  • Consistency Check
  • Bias & Linearity Studies
  • Manufacturing Specifications
  • Noise studies, including EMP
  • Gage Performance Curves and special considerations for final inspection systems
  • Special considerations for destructive testing
  • Attributes Analysis
  • Uncertainty and business risk analysis
Analysis of existing data
  • Triage
  • Common misuse of Process Behavior Charts
  • Regression
  • Clustering
Current state evaluation
  • Power and sample size
  • Process centering studies
  • Control Point Studies
  • Process Output Studies
Process Optimization workflow
Observational Approach
  • Over-processing waste in Process Behavior Charts
  • Process Behavior Chart Arrays for control points
  • Process Behavior Chart Arrays for product properties
  • Process cause and effect
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the observational approach
  • Special considerations for short runs/frequent changeovers
  • Special considerations for rare events
  • Process Capability Analysis (PCA)
  • Common PCA malpractices
Experimental Approach
  • The Experimenter’s Mindset
  • Economics of Designed Experiments
  • Definitive Screening, I-Optimal and A-Optimal design generators
  • Design Diagnostics (JMP only)
  • DOE error-proofing
  • Visualizing the statistical model
  • Augmenting an experiment
  • Making smart business decisions
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the experimental approach
Process Monitoring workflow
  • Sampling economics
  • Short Run Process Behavior Charts
  • Time weighted process behavior charts
  • Multivariate process behavior charts
  • Statistical methods for supplier management
  • Statistical methods for customer management
Reliability Analysis basic workflow
  • Planning and terminology
  • Common RA distributions
  • Probability Distribution Functions
  • Survival Curves, Failure Curves, Hazard Curves
  • Accelerated Life Testing

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