SPC Boot Camp

Course format: Instructor-led online training

Course duration: 25 hours

Course overview

The Pyzdek SPC Boot Camp is a highly focused course designed to rapidly bring the power of Statistical Process Control and process behavior charts to solve difficult problems and maintain process stability. In addition, the course provides guidance on Process Capability Analysis, insight on common SPC myths and advice to avoid common SPC pitfalls.

This highly visual, hands-on Pyzdek Institute course teaches a systematic approach to either set up a new SPC system from scratch or to improve an existing system. The course content is Minitab-based and suitable to the healthcare, plastics, food processing, machining, aerospace, automotive and other industries.


The course requires a good understanding of Minitab fundamentals including navigation, menu structure, data integrity, column stacking/unstacking, annotations, data visualizations and similar. For those without Minitab experience, please see the Pyzdek Introduction to Minitab short course.

Attendees must have a PC, a Minitab license (version 19 or 20) and a 2-way headset. Two monitors are highly recommended.

Designed for:

Supervisors, Managers, Technicians, Engineers and Healthcare Professionals.

Benefits to attendees

Specific benefits to attendees include:

  • Detect process problems before disaster strikes
  • Analyze SPC data and interpret results in group discussion
  • Learn many useful statistical principles
  • Gain new process knowledge
  • Avoid common SPC pitfalls
  • Improve return on Minitab investment
  • Contribute to Operational Excellence, customer relationships and bottom-line profit
  • Run better, more cost- designed experiments

Course structure

Course content % of time spent
Basic statistical principles 10%
SPC principles 15%
Hands-on exercises & interpretation of results 75%

Specific topics covered

  • The fundamental nature of data and knowledge
  • What is the main goal of SPC?
  • Types of variation and the need to separate them
  • How we listen to the Voice of the Process
  • Rational subgrouping, a key concept
  • Where do the limits come from? (a pencil & paper exercise)
  • When to use individual data points and an IMR control chart
  • When to use sub-grouped data and an XBar-R control chart
  • The SPC Information Warehouse
  • Control chart interpretation
  • Control chart robustness
  • Comparing the Voice of the Process to the Voice of the Customer
  • Answers to common SPC questions
  • Specialty control charts

Schedule options

Public Online Training

Instructor-led, live, virtual training.

  • Cost: $1,850
  • Upcoming session
Onsite or Online Group Training

The Pyzdek Institute’s SPC Boot Camp course is also available for groups. Whether you are looking for online or onsite training, we are pleased to accommodate your needs and customize the course to your organization.

Schedule options

  • Five 5-hour sessions (recommended)
  • Seven 3-hour sessions plus one 4-hour session

It is also recommended to spread the sessions over a two or three week timeframe to allow attendees to collect data, present it during the sessions, etc.

However, Pyzdek Institute is able to accommodate nearly all scheduling requests. Call us or or use the QUESTIONS? form below to contact us for additional details or special requests.


We are happy to help. Give us a call at +1 (520) 789-6291 or send us an email using the form below.


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