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Process Improvement Techniques

Automotive assembly line representing the "Cost Reduction methods for Assembly Industries" workshop, focusing on efficiency improvements, waste reduction, and streamlined operations in the assembly industry.

Cost Reduction Methods for Assembly Industries

Equipment for plastic parts production representing the "Cost Reduction methods for Plastics Processing" course, emphasizing advanced machinery, automation, and optimized production techniques to minimize waste and reduce costs in plastics manufacturing.

Cost Reduction Methods for Plastics Processing

Man and woman engaged in a discussion about food quality in a food processing plant, representing the "Cost Reduction methods for Food Processing" course, focused on optimizing processes and reducing costs while upholding food safety and quality standards.

Cost Reduction Methods for Food Processing

Worker in manufacturing environment

Cost Reduction Methods for Manufacturing

An auditor speaking to a supplier.

Statistical Methods for Supplier Management

A student taking the measurement systems management course online

Measurement Systems Management

Student taking the statistical process management course online

Statistical Process Management

Laptop showing Fractional Factorial Design

Process Optimization and DOE

Group of executives in Lean Six Sigma for Executive Leadership workshop.

Lean Six Sigma for Executive Leadership

Predictive Analytics and Data Analysis

Student analyzing ARIMA model

Statistical Forecasting

Predictive Analytics

Multivariate Methods


Engineering Statistics Certification

Seal of Engineering Statistics Certification

Engineering Statistics Certification