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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training with BlueSky Statistics

Gain the skills to manage essential improvement projects.

Why Choose Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training with BlueSky Statistics?

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Dive into the Pyzdek Institute’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training to proficiently use BlueSky Statistics. This training is perfectly suited for professionals aiming to manage and contribute to improvement projects in various industries, focusing on improving process efficiency and quality through the foundational principles of Lean Six Sigma.

Utilizing the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) framework and the intuitive statistical analysis tools of BlueSky Statistics, this course equips you for essential roles in project coordination and process improvement as a trained Green Belt.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Solid understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles and methodologies with BlueSky Statistics.
  • Practical knowledge of statistical analysis for process improvement.
  • Hands-on experience through engaging learning modules and simulations.
  • Readiness for roles in project coordination and operational management.

Special Conference Pricing

  • Exclusive Offer: Register for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training during the ASQ World Conference for a special rate of $795.
  • Exam Fee: A modest additional proctoring fee for the exam is payable directly to ProctorU.

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Personalized Support

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Instructor guiding students through a virtual meeting on a laptop in a modern office.

Receive personalized guidance and support from our certified Master Black Belt instructors, who are dedicated to helping you succeed in the exam and master the essential skills for project management and process improvement.

Comprehensive Course Inclusions

  • Self-paced Study: Engage with content at your convenience with 365-day access to our training platform.
  • BlueSky Statistics Integration: Learn through custom tutorials and exercises tailored to enrich your understanding of Lean Six Sigma.
  • Interactive Modules: Participate in over 50 modules, 500+ quiz questions, and 40 homework assignments, all graded by a Master Black Belt.
  • Proctored Exam: Complete a rigorous online exam proctored by ProctorU to confirm your understanding of the Lean Six Sigma fundamentals.

BlueSky Statistics

A user-friendly, open-source statistical software that provides a cost-effective solution for students on a budget, enhancing your learning experience with intuitive tools.

"BlueSky" in blue with cloud on top and curved line underneath.

Certification Achievement

A man taking an online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification course on his computer in a home office setting.
  • Complete the Training: Navigate our detailed and interactive online modules to grasp and apply Lean Six Sigma methodologies using BlueSky Statistics.
  • Pass the Exam: Successfully pass the proctored exam to receive the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Silver Certificate, recognizing your expertise and qualifying you as a trained Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity at the ASQ World Conference to enhance your capabilities at a discounted rate with our comprehensive Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training, utilizing the innovative BlueSky Statistics.

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