Lean Specialist Training and Certification

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Why Choose Our Lean Specialist Training and Certification?

Image of industrial engineers inside a robotic factory, monitoring manufacturing process and applying Lean methodologies for waste reduction and process improvement, emphasizing the importance of efficiency in modern manufacturing.

A Certified Lean Specialist is a professional who has an advanced understanding of Lean principles and tools. Lean Specialists typically lead efforts to streamline processes, eliminate waste, and increase value within their organizations. Their role often involves planning and executing Lean projects, and coaching other team members.

Lean Specialists gain an in-depth understanding of Lean principles like value stream mapping, 5S, and Kaizen. Their training also covers advanced Lean tools and techniques, such as Kanban, Poka-Yoke, and Heijunka.

Lean Specialists at the Pyzdek Institute complete 20 hours of training, and pass a proctored, comprehensive, timed exam.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Advanced training in Lean principles and methodologies
  • In-depth understanding of Lean tools and techniques for process improvement
  • Increased competency in planning and executing Lean projects

Comprehensive Course Inclusions

  • Self-paced study with a 90-day subscription to the training site
  • 11 online, on-demand modules
  • 300+ quiz questions
  • Comprehensive, proctored exam and real-time progress reports
  • 2 CEUs awarded by The Pyzdek Institute upon successful course completion
  • Access to online resources and forums
  • Lean Specialist Certification
  • Certificate recorded in our public online database

How to Become a Certified Lean Specialist

Asian woman wearing headphones working on Lean Specialist Training and Certification on her laptop, likely using data analysis, process mapping, or statistical tools to reduce waste in processes using Lean methodologies.

The Lean Specialist training is a rigorous program designed for individuals interested in implementing Lean methodology in their organization. The training covers Lean principles, tools, and techniques in detail. Below, we outline the process of becoming a certified Lean Specialist.

Lean Specialist Training

The Lean Specialist training provides an advanced understanding of Lean principles and tools. The training includes a series of online, interactive modules developed by Thomas Pyzdek, a recognized expert in the field. Each module includes a lesson and a self-scoring quiz, providing immediate feedback.

Lean Specialist Certification Exam

Upon completion of the training, participants are required to pass a comprehensive, proctored exam. The exam is open book and open notes, emphasizing knowledge application over memorization. Upon successful completion of the exam, participants are awarded a Lean Specialist Certification.

Becoming a Certified Lean Specialist signifies a commitment to mastering Lean principles and tools. This can be a valuable asset to any organization, leading to effective process improvement initiatives and valuable coaching abilities.

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