Project Management Institute PDUs for Six Sigma Training

Those who are certified by The Project Management Institute as Project Managers must maintain their certification by continually upgrading their professional skills in the project management field. The Pyzdek Institute’s Six Sigma training qualifies for PDU credit as continuing education. However, not all of the modules qualify as being project management related. Here is the list of modules that relate to project management:

  1. Recognizing an opportunity
  2. Choosing the project 1
  3. Choosing the project 2
  4. Develop project plan 1
  5. Develop project plan 2
  6. Develop project plan 3
  7. Develop project plan 4
  8. Develop project plan 5
  9. Develop project plan 6
  10. High level maps 1-L Maps
  11. High level maps 2-SIPOC maps
  12. High level maps 3-Spaghetti diagrams (Lean Six Sigma only)
  13. Voc 1-KANO, CIT
  14. Voc 2-Surveying customers (Black Belt only)
  15. Voc 3-Listening to customers
  16. Determine improvement strategy 1
  17. Determine improvement strategy 2
  18. Implement 1
  19. Implement 2
  20. Implement 3
  21. Implement 4
  22. Implement 5

We estimate that each of these modules will require 2 hours to complete. If you are enrolled in a Pyzdek Institute course, you can claim these credits for the modules which you complete. Our Moodle learning management system will provide you with activity reports that you can use to document completion of the material, including reading, lessons, homework assignments and quizzes.

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