City of Tyler Texas Saving a Bundle with Lean Six Sigma

Article Revised: March 27, 2019

The Lean Six Sigma program in Tyler, Texas is in the news. The City of Tyler has reached a major milestone by exceeding $5 million in hard and soft dollar savings through the implementation of their Lean Six Sigma Program. To date, 92 Lean Six Sigma projects have been completed by City employees trained in the methodology. “Lean Six Sigma helps identify the waste and variation that occurs in everyday processes,” said Tyler Mayor Barbara Bass. “The program provides a structured approach for improving efficiency – which saves both time and money.” Lean is set of tools that are based upon the Toyota Production System. The overall goal is to eliminate non-value added waste in a process.

It is obvious that the approach is paying off in a big way for Tyler. “Lean Six Sigma is an opportunity to further enhance our commitment to setting the standard for responsive local government,” said City Manager Mark McDaniel.

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