Tom Pyzdek and Mikel Harry to Appear on Web TV

Tom Pyzdek, Author of The Six Sigma Handbook
Tom Pyzdek, Author of The Six Sigma Handbook
Dr. Mikel Harry
Dr. Mikel Harry

Watch a Live Broadcast Featuring Two of the World’s Leading Experts on Six Sigma

Quality Digest will be broadcasting a live TV broadcast entitled The Future of Six Sigma. Guests are Thomas Pyzdek, Author of the Six Sigma Handbook, and Dr. Mikel Harry, Principle Architect of Six Sigma. In addition to the interview by Dirk Dusharme and Mike Richman of Quality Digest, viewers will be able to ask questions live.


  • Why is Six Sigma still going strong after more than 25 years?
  • Will Six Sigma continue to thrive?
  • Using Six Sigma in government to address education, budget, trade, health care and more.
  • What’s the next frontier of Six Sigma?

Tom Pyzdek and Mikel Harry Discuss the Future of Six Sigma

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