Free Webinar – 11 Ways to Sink Your Six Sigma Project

Join us for a Free Webinar on February 1

Peter Bersbach

No matter what your knowledge of Lean Six Sigma, come join us in a one hour lively discussion on “11 ways to Sink Your Six Sigma Project.” Master Black Belt Peter Bersbach will give an overview of each way, then open the session to a discussion on how to avoid that particular failure mode. No ideas are wrong, but we will learn different approaches we might use to avoid each of the 11 ways and have a very successful project.


  1. Poor Project Selection
  2. Defining Defects
  3. Training Variation
  4. Statistical Training
  5. Shoddy Certifications
  6. High Attrition Rates
  7. Relying on GEMBA
  8. Tool Application
  9. Sustaining Results
  10. Estimating Benefits
  11. Six Sigma or Lean

Update 2/1/2012:
Click here to view the recording of the webinar 11 ways to sink your six sigma project. Length 44:17. This was a great webinar with a lot of input from the audience.

Update 2/8/2012:
Click here to view the recording of the webinar 11 ways to sink your six sigma project-the sequel. Length 221:48. Click here to see the chat log. This webinar covers points 8-11.

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