Perhaps you’re wondering what kind of jobs are available to professionals with Six Sigma training. Here is a real life profile of a job promotion recently received due to a company’s desire to improve the quality of its services to its customers.

According to a January press release, American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc., has promoted Dalchand Lalijit to the position of executive vice president of business processes and organizational development. Company CEO Lon T. Dolber stated that he is committed to integrating Lean Six Sigma methodology into all business processes as soon as possible. He stated that Lalijit brings the experience to make that commitment a reality.

Lalijit was hired in 2015 as vice president of service quality and process excellence. He brought with him to that position the ability to introduct the Lean Six Sigma approach to those parts of the company by implementing policies and procedures to assess the company’s allocation of resources. He has also been able to enroll and lead other employees of the company in Lean Six Sigma training and projects. Prior to joining APFS, he served as senior vice president of the Lean Six Sigma global division and was part of the operations council for Momentive Specialty Chemical. He was responsible for a number of duties including the deployment of Lean Six Sigma, productivity, and manufacturing excellence.

While Six Sigma training isn’t the only factor in obtaining the job you have always dreamed of, it is an important tool to get you there. It provides a unique skill set that makes you stand out from the competition. Are you ready to get started with your training?

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