The Dublin City School District, in Ohio, is turning to Lean Six Sigma in order to operate a more efficient maintenance department, according to a recent article from the Dublin Villager. The district’s board of education recently learned the results of a study that was conducted by students from Ohio State University. The students have been working with the maintenance department since January to identify areas where efficiency can be approved.

One of the things that the OSU students discovered through their study was that the maintenance staff spent a lot of time running back and forth trying to find tools and parts to fix what they were working on, the article noted. Suggested solutions include portable tool carts and in-school tool cabinets.

Superintendent Todd Hoadley was responsible for introducing the district to Lean Six Sigma, stating that the efficiency concepts used by the private sector are often applicable to the Dublin City Schools as well. Other areas where Lean Six Sigma is being applied include the district’s central office, its hiring process, and its technology repair ticket system. A news release regarding the Lean Six Sigma training of five administrators from the central office in April stated that this is practical training aimed at producing results and making government run faster, better, and with less cost.

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