There is very little doubt that online training is different from traditional classroom training, but each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the numerous advantages of modern online training — often called e-learning — is undeniable. In today’s fast-paced world, e-learning provides a great deal of freedom that a traditional classroom setting lacks. Here are several advantages to opting to go with online training instead of classroom training.

  1. Online learning requires no trainer/teacher. You can learn at your own pace by yourself.
  2. With online training, you are not chained to one geographic location. You can learn from anywhere in the world and not have to report to a physical classroom in one specific city.
  3. When learning in a classroom setting, the teacher/trainer usually only goes over things one time. If you are not listening, or you miss something, then you do not have a chance to repeat it. With online learning, you can reread or repeat things multiple times so you never miss a step.
  4. Updates and changes via e-learning are quickly communicated on a global scale. You don’t have to show up at a classroom to learn about changes.
  5. Classroom materials, such a papers and books, do not excite and motive like e-learning options. Online training courses are often composed of videos, interesting visuals, friendly audio narration and gaming inter-activities.
  6. There is very little doubt that e-learning is exceptionally cost-effective. It also gives you the ability to reach a global audience by utilizing translation software. Language barriers are quickly overcome in the online classroom.
  7. There is no reason to hire Training Managers to make costly trips to provide classroom training in various regions around the globe. With e-training, a global audience is automatically reached.
  8. With most people’s hectic schedule, fitting in time to travel to a classroom and learn is virtually impossible. With online classroom training, you set your own pace and schedule. You learn from the comfort or your own home where you can multi-task or halt the training session to address other issues and then resume at a later time.
  9. Human trainers have good days and bad days. Often students feel like they don’t click with a specific trainer because of personality conflicts. With e-learning, you have a learning platform that is not unbalanced and does not rely on human emotions.

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