A recent press release shows yet another example of how Six Sigma training training can guide, define, and improve a career. Susan Whitehurst, the article explained, recently joined TeleTracking Technologies as the Managing Director of Consulting Services. The company stated in its release that Whitehurst’s Lean Six Sigma experience “ideally complements” its mission to support hospital care delivery through automation and process redesign.

Whitehurst — a Six Sigma certified master black belt — spent 28 years as a nurse and hospital administrator before co-authoring the Six Sigma healthcare program at North Carolina State University. She then went on to work as a lean management hospital process expert and a consultant for Joint Commission Resources. She has, in the past, consulted hospitals on using Lean Six Sigma to reduce the number of hospital readmissions and hospital-acquired infections, as well as surgical and pain management redesign, and medication safety.

TeleTracking Technologies, based in Pittsburgh, provides an end-to-end platform to help hospitals automate many of their functions, thus saving time and money and achieving a better patient flow. The company expressed satisfaction in Whitehurst’s ability to illustrate the high cost of poor quality health care and demonstrate improvements that can be made to the process in order to alleviate that problem.

Susan Whitehurst already had skills and experience that put her on the path to a great career. But Six Sigma training provided a focus to that career and set her apart from others in her field.

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