You could say that Helvi Kramer, of Cromwell, CT, was down on her luck. According to a report from the Hartford Courant, she lost her job as a project manager at a bank in 2013. A new job was hard to find… until the government invested $6,000 in order for her to obtain Six Sigma training. 51-year-old Kramer says it was that training that led to her being able to find a job through a contracting firm at The Hartford. After all, nothing else on her resume had changed.

Recently, another department made her a job offer and it led to The Hartford offering her an even better job — one with benefits. A job was what 25-year-old Samuel Janik found after he was provided with Six Sigma, as well. After being laid off from his fuel cell engineering job in 2014, he faced months of job applications and phone calls that were never returned. After he obtained his Six Sigma training? An job at an engineering firm and the offer of a slot in the company’s management training program, the article stated.

These are just two of the stories to be told of Connecticut’s comeback from the recession. The state added 4,000 jobs in March. They’ve added more than 27,000 jobs in the past year. They need roughly 26,300 more in order to reach pre-recession employment levels. Compensation levels are slower to bounce back, the article stated, and both of the cases mentioned above reflect that. However, higher pay is beginning to be seen — both for Kramer and Janik and for others finding jobs, as well.

Are you struggling to find a job after spending years building your work experience? If so, Six Sigma training could make all the difference for you. Six Sigma leads to better employment, and higher paying opportunities.

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A number of Pyzdek Institute students have obtained funding for their training under the Workforce Investment Act.

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