In an effort to improve service, maximize output, and reduce waste, Arizona’s Department of Economic Security recently announced the creation of a DES Lean Transformation Office. The newly created department will align with the Lean Transformation Initiative already put in place by Governor Doug Ducey. Vicki Mayo, a Lean veteran with over ten years of experience working with Lean principles, will serve as Chief Transformation Officer for the office.

Prior to the launch of the DES Lean Transformation Office, various DES teams experimented with Lean principles and had great success. For example, The Division of Developmental Disabilities and the Office of Inspector General developed an initiative to accelerate the time-frame to issue licenses for developmental homes for children and adults. Before Lean methods were put in place, it took 82 days to issue a child developmental home license and 172 days to issue an adult developmental home license. After Lean was introduced, both licenses are now issued in 26 days! In addition to shortening the time for licensing, DES teams were also able to eliminate a license application backlog.

DES director Tim Jeffries was full of praise for Lean, saying, “The Lean transformation process is helping our DES become more efficient, more kind and more awesome. These efforts have reduced the amount of time, money, and resources to meet or exceed client’s needs.” Jeffries was optimistic that the creation of the new DES Lean Transformation Office will help spread Lean principles throughout the agency and lead to even greater efficiency.

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