The city of Springfield, Ohio, has a big problem with weeds and tall grass on vacant lots. An $85,000 a year problem, to be exact, according to a recent article from the Springfield News-Sun. However, recently Springfield obtained a $40,000 government efficiency grant from the Ohio Development Services Agency in order to provide Lean Six Sigma training to its employees. And one of the first projects the city hopes to use the training for is the increase in efficiency in compliance delivery in order to reduce the expenses of weed mowing.

Currently, the article stated, Springfield collects less than 10 percent of the money it spends on weed mowing through enforcement of the city’s weed laws. By increasing the number of property owners who are compliant with the city’s regulations governing weeds, the city can reduce the amount of time and expense it puts towards tending to vacant lots when the property owners won’t. City management is hoping that, by increasing compliance, the city will also reduce its time and expense with picking up trash and hauling away junk from vacant properties as well.

The city also plans to use the training for other Lean Six Sigma projects, perhaps involving building regulations and the service department as well as others, the article stated. Springfield’s commissioners agreed to a 10 percent match of the grant funds for the training, an amount of up to $4,500.

Whether you’re wanting to run local government more efficiently or cut down the costs of doing your private business, Lean Six Sigma training can give you the tools to get real results.

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