Although Lean Six Sigma was originally developed to promote continual improvement and increase efficiency in a manufacturing setting, Lean Six Sigma Training can be beneficial in many other fields. The methodology is easily translatable to a wide variety of industries and sectors and can really make a huge impact on the overall quality of operations. In the state of Delaware, the court system has recently discovered the benefits of implementing Lean Six Sigma methods and has launched a new Judicial Fellows Program that will focus on improving efficiency and production.

The new program was born out of the ongoing partnership between the judicial system and the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics at the University of Delaware that was originally established to introduce private sector techniques for the betterment of the courts. The fellowship will feature two University of Delaware graduate students who will work with court administrators to identify areas of possible improvement. The students will do extensive research and offer suggestions for policy changes that will help the court system reduce waste and increase efficiency. The two fellows – Josh Berkowitz, 23, of New Jersey, and Alexander Burns, 23, of Pennsylvania – are both students in the Masters of Public Administration program in the School of Public Policy and Administration at the University of Delaware.

In addition to taking on the two fellows, the courts have also sought Lean Six Sigma training for many employees within the court system. As a result of this training, the courts report dramatic improvements in operations and a savings of 4,250 staff hours! Administrators are hopeful that the new fellowship program will build on these fantastic results and benefit the judicial system even more.

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