According to the Tyler Morning Telegraph, a Lean Six Sigma initiative for the city of Tyler that analyzed the costs of animal control services has led to the city council approving the purchase of property for a new animal care facility. Analysis revealed to Tyler officials that the cost of contracting animal control services with the private sector were escalating, and the study found that the city needed more cooperative oversight of the animal control and shelter operations. Additionally, the city needs to ensure that regulations regarding the shelter are met and that the shelter is accessible to the public, the report stated.

More than a half million dollars was contracted for the year for private animal control services, and next year’s contract was expected to rise by 42 percent, the Morning Telegraph reported. The city will need a minimum of 10,000 square feet to hold up to 75 dogs and 50 cats at one time. The city is reportedly working with other jurisdictions and potential partners to share the costs of the new facility.

More and more, cities such as Tyler are seeking Lean Six Sigma training for their staff in order to more efficiently serve the public, both in the costs of the services they provide as well as the responsiveness to the public’s needs. The Pyzdek Institute offers online Lean Six Sigma training, with certification at the Black, Green, Yellow and White Belt levels. Courses at the Pyzdek institute are accredited through the International Association for Six Sigma Certification and Lean Six Sigma training starts at $55 per month.

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