Six Sigma Training has been in the news a lot lately, but there is still much you may not know. We’ve got five items that might just surprise you.

  1. American healthcare has begun to develop a reputation as slow, inconvenient, and costly. However, a large number of hospital systems have begun to use Six Sigma through the Lean Six Sigma process, streamlining medical procedures and standardizing previously tedious examinations. This has led to more accurate results in a more pocket-friendly fashion.
  2. Six Sigma has had more time in the business than some of today’s politicians, having been started in the 80’s. This means over 30 years of growth and development to perfect this process improvement tool!
  3. It has been utilized by numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Amazon, Boeing, and Ford Motor company, who have reported vast management improvement and positive feedback from users.
  4. Companies that have their employees partake in Six Sigma training often report up to a 30% decrease in overall company costs.
  5. People who learn the Six Sigma values and get certified make an average of ninety-eight thousand dollars a year, almost fifty thousand more that the United states national average income.

Why hold off on investing in success? This is the best way to learn how to improve. Don’t get stuck behind in the outdated, 20th century business management concepts of “Command and Conquer.” Match up to those who are making positive results and leave lackluster companies behind. Get ahead of the curve with Six Sigma training.

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