Lean Six Sigma is one of the best tools in the business to improve the overall proficiency and quality. It has been proven for many years. One of the main obstacles with this tool is to make sure that it stays sustainable and doesn’t run out. If the project is only has the support of management to keep it going, then trusting staff lower down the hierarchy may not propagate it. Focus and support for Lean Six Sigma is essential in order to attain sustainability.

There are several companies which have used Lean Six Sigma to improve their business process. Most of them have done so with great success.

This article will briefly discuss 3 companies that are outstanding examples of effective and sustainable 6 Sigma process implementation.


Michael Dell has created a business using a prototype that numerous people are trying to replicate. Dell Inc is a prime example of a company using the program to facilitate results, not just for its own solitary purposes. At the turn of the millennium, they founded a scheme called Business Project Improvement (BPI) which uses Lean Six Sigma. Nearly 5 years on, this approach is thriving and looks to be very sustainable.

General Electric

This company is a big player in the infrastructure and financial markets and was a famous case of the Lean Six Sigma being used for success. The company started using the principles of this method in 1996, with the objective of having error-free products by 2000. Six Sigma training was facilitated through incentives such as employee bonuses. Subsequently, GE has drastically improved a customer’s experience with the company and increased the efficiency of the manufacturing system, resulting in a decrease in both expenditure and errors in design.

Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak began making cameras which were simple to operate over 100 years ago. The company adheres to strict Six Sigma Black Belt ideals to ensure that every product always carries the Kodak brand and logo on it. These rigid standards have allowed the company to become a worldwide success and always produce high-quality products.

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