T2 Technology Group, a Redondo Beach, CA-based company that offers IT consulting services, recently announced that all of its employees are now Lean Six Sigma certified. The employees are already starting projects that will put their training to use.

The company is integrating Lean Six Sigma methodology into its project management and internal processes, the announcement stated. Some of T2’s customers include UCLA Health, the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, St. Louis University, the University of Denver, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Infinity Radio, and the Mesa Water District. The company oversees the design and implementation of multi-million dollar IT infrastructure, offers IT training, and develops technology strategic plans. They offer experience in data center infrastructure, storage, servers, back-up, wired and wireless networks, voice, unified communications, and a number of leading applications.

According to the T2 announcement, the Lean Six Sigma certifications are part of the company’s commitment to investing into the training of its employees in order to increase experience, with a goal of improving its service for T2 customers. In addition to managing partners, the staff at T2 consists of project managers, engineers and administrative employees.

A Lean Six Sigma certification is, indeed, an investment in an employee, not just for the company but for the future of each employees career. The certification makes them more valuable to the workforce as they can apply the lessons learned from their training in any environment.

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