Molex Inc., which supplies interconnect products, has recently been using the Lean Six Sigma program with great success.  The company has saved millions of dollars using the program, and clients have noticed an improvement in the company’s quality and efficiency.  In a June 2013 statement, Martin Slark, CEO of Molex, said that: “Last fiscal year, we generated projects worth over $100 million in savings; this year, we will exceed that number.”

Slark further states that, “what [Lean Six Sigma] also does is not only drive more cost-effectiveness, it helps drive our customer service. And I think one of the metrics that’s very important is that our on-time delivery to our customers has never been higher, and our quality rejects from our customers has never been lower.”  As a case in point, Molex recently won an award from Cisco for excellence in customer service metrics.

How is Molex able to see such success with the Lean Six Sigma program?  The company has been integrating Lean Six Sigma into company culture.  Efficiency and quality are now part of the company’s mentality, which has been beneficial on several levels.

Incorporating the Lean Six Sigma program is a great way to increase employee engagement, by giving employees a sense of ownership over their work.  In addition, increased quality and efficiency of service helps companies build rapport with clients and increases market share value.  Lean Six Sigma promotes cost savings without sacrificing quality or business expansion.

If you would like to see how Lean Six Sigma can benefit you and your company, please visit our website for more information about our Lean Six Sigma training programs, or for advice on implementing the Lean Six Sigma program.

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