Pyzdek Institute VS Low Cost

Comparison of Pyzdek Institute Training and Certification with “Low Cost” Alternatives

The saying “You get what you pay for” applies to Lean Six Sigma training too. So does the saying “If it looks too good to be true, it is.” Be very careful when you shop for your training and certification. The table below will help you judge the value being offered by so-called low cost training providers.

Feature Description Pyzdek Institute Low Cost Provider
Recognized authority With The Six Sigma Handbook being an Amazon.Com best-seller in it’s category, everyone working in Six Sigma knows the Pyzdek brand.
Course written by Thomas Pyzdek? The author of the world’s most popular Six Sigma text wrote our course. Who wrote theirs?
Autographed Six Sigma Handbook included A reference to use in the future, autographed by the same person who wrote your course and signed your certification. Note: Non-US customers receive an eBook.
Accredited? Accreditation by The Council for Six Sigma Certification means the curriculum covers the subject completely and accurately.
True eLearning? State-of-the-art e-learning platform with lessons developed in consultation with e-learning experts.
Interactive learning Exercises that engage the student to enhance learning.
Includes Minitab statistical software Minitab is the de-facto software for Lean Six Sigma. It is included with our Green Belt and Black Belt courses.
Assignments graded by Master Black Belts Our Green Belt and Black Belt courses include dozens of practice assignments to help you understand the material.
Self-scoring quizzes Online quizzes with feedback to help you learn.
365 day enrollment We give you a full year to finish training. Others cut you short.
Moodle reports Complete, downloadable record of your work, as well as real time status reports.
Forums Post your comments and questions. Receive replies from Master Black Belts and other students and Thomas Pyzdek.
Lifetime Learning Subscriptions Access the training site forever for less than $10 per month.
Online public certification database Employers can validate your certification via our online database.
Online certification exam Take a proctored online certification exam after completing training. Proctored exams have much greater credibility.
Live project presentation Green Belts and Black Belts present a certification project to Thomas Pyzdek and/or Master Black Belts in a live online meeting


  • Mark Wearne October 11, 2017 at 1:51 am Reply

    I completed the online Green Belt course. The online course is easy to follow and help is always there with the forums. I couldnt rate the Pyzdek institute and course presentation high enough. I will definitely be doing follow up courses in the future.

    • Juan Rivera October 11, 2017 at 3:13 am Reply

      Thank you for the kind words Mark. I am glad that you enjoyed your learning experience and I look forward to having you in the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program. Best wishes!

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