Recently, the city of Houston published performance indicators indicating that its investment in Lean Six Sigma is paying off big. According to a report from Mayor Parker, there are now 1,000 city employees trained in the methodology, an article from The Tribune announced.

In what Parker referred to as the creation of a “grassroots culture of continuous improvement,” the city has seen many accomplishments since implementing Lean Six Sigma. Some of those accomplishments include reorganizing taxi cab permitting so that the process takes about five days instead of a month. In addition, Houston also decreased the time needed for receiving and payments for the city’s fleet from 110 days on average to less than three days, using a staff of four people. The processing times for  commercial permits and fire alarm permits were dramatically reduced, as well.

The city also increased court collections by over 10 percent, which resulted in a $1.2 million increase in revenue. And, in an effort to be more responsive to its citizens, the mayor’s office streamlined its process for responding to emails and requests. Parker expressed excitement about the changes and stated that the continuous improvement mindset that comes with the deployment of Lean Six Sigma is providing taxpayers with a bigger bang for their buck.

Do you want to offer your customers a bigger bang for their buck or simply ensure that they are dealing with a company focused on reducing waste and providing responsive, efficient services? Lean Six Sigma can give you the ability to do this.

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