On what was described as “a very rough day” on the stock market for high-beta tech companies in mid-January, Sratasys — a world leader in 3D printing — announced an important addition to its staff. It hired Jerome Hamilton, formerly the Vice President of Lean Six Sigma Operations, Corporate Quality and Acquisition Integration at 3M, to be its Senior Vice President of Operations.

It wasn’t just the role he played at 3M, a company with $30 billion in revenue, that made Stratasys want Hamilton on their team, however. The company stated in a press release that, before joining 3M, he had also held a top operations position with Ford Motor Co. As plant manager, he reversed declining productivity at one facility and turned it into the top ranked of all 20 of Ford’s plants.

According to Stratasys COO and CFO Erez Simha, the company will be looking to Hamilton to support goals for improving efficiency, optimizing capacity, and reducing the cost of operations — which are all skills that one learns through Lean Six Sigma training. While his experience in Lean Six Sigma isn’t the only credential that Hamilton bears — he also possesses Master’s Degrees in both Engineering Management and International Logistics, and completed Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management program — it was those skills that the COO and CFO cited in the company’s decision to hire him.

Landing an important position at a large company is a process that takes in your education, work experience, and the special skills that you can bring to the company. Lean Six Sigma training can help you be the best candidate for the job.

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