A recently concluded webinar and panel discussion included the CEO of the Center for Excellence in Operations, Inc. and MetricStream. This company is a market leader for global corporations in Enterprise-wide GRC and Quality Solutions. The goal of the webinar was to provide participants with insights into how Lean Six Sigma is a technology game changer. There is an article on the equities.com website that provides a summary of the webinar.

“A major take-away from the session is that the next generation of improvement must incorporate technology-enabled sustainability factors.”

Factors include data management, business analytics, policy deployment, compliance management and regulatory management. Other capabilities to improve process management were also discussed. Using technology for business processes provides benefits and opportunities that are far beyond the capability of outdated operations. This includes SIDAM modes for non-linear capabilities of problem solving. SIDAM is an acronym for Sense, Interpret, Decide, Act and Monitor.

Businesses that are looking to obtain rapid sustainable improvements need to incorporate technologies that benefit from Lean Six Sigma. One way to achieve this is to obtain a certificate in areas such as Lean Enterprise Solutions, Lean Six Sigma and process management. Many programs are available from various educational centers and online providers, such as the Pyzdek Institute. Our Six Sigma training is available for Green Belt, Lean Black Belt and Lean Six Sigma. We are the best Six Sigma provider that offers online training and certification.

Certifications for Lean Six Sigma are industry-recognized. You can achieve credibility and recognition from earning this credential. This certification will allow you to aid organizations to achieve a constant return on investment that is based on continuous improvement initiatives.

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